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Discounts, Financing, and Service Plans When you become a Service Partner Plan member you enjoy priority status with ARA Heating and Air Conditioning. The benefits of membership give you peace of mind in knowing that all of the covered equipment in your home is maintained and inspected once a year to ensure that it is running safely and at peak efficiency. Considering how hot in the Summer and how cold in the Winter the Mission Viejo area can be, having this at peak performance is key, especially with keeping your energy bills low. Here's what you get...

Priority Service Your service call will be moved to the top of our service call schedule giving you the quickest response time possible.

15% Discount You will receive a 15% discount on any of ARA's repairs or services on equipment covered by your plan.

No Emergency Service Fees When you call for emergency service you will never pay a premium fee for after hours service. You'll receive top quality service at the regular rates even in the middle of the night and on holidays.

Free Precision Tune Ups Your service plan includes a free annual tune up to keep covered equipment running at peak performance. Properly tuned equipment will add years of energy-saving service.

Satisfaction Guarantee No job is ever done until you're 100% satisfied with our people, our products and our work.

Yes, You Can Transfer Your Plan Your plan can transfer to your new home (in our service area) or to the buyer of the home you're selling.


Grab the Opportunity! If you're having problems with your heater or your air conditioner or other indoor air quality issues, don't hesitate to contact ARA. Putting off the problem to fix at a later date could result in a higher bill. As an extra incentive to keep your systems cleaned and checked, please review our various discounts below and give us a call today! Click the discount to print.

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Energy Rebates Natural gas and electricity... we depend on it everyday. Our demand for these resources is at an all time high and expected demand will continue to grow. You can take steps now to conserve energy, make your home more energy efficient and save money on your utility bills. Learn more.

SoCal Gas residential customers in Mission Viejo, CA and the surrounding area may be eligible to receive rebates on the purchase and installation of NEW high-efficiency water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, clothes dryers and more. Learn more.

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